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Junior Kotomah
Medical Student
St. Andrew University UK

John is a very kind and caring individual. We first came into contact when I was preparing for my medical school interviews and he has continued to advise and guide me since then. He has also maintained an excellent relationship with my family.


The invaluable advice he gave me not only helped me to secure a position at medical school, but also inspired me to give 100% in everything I do and strive for success.

His knowledge of the medical field combined with his positive spirit continues to motivate me to excel in all my endeavours. He is truly someone I can look up to, and aspire to be like.


Dr. Furat Al-murani
Medical Doctor
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Futureproof-Ideas

Having spent a year working alongside John, he consistently worked at the very highest standards, with care, compassion and attention to detail.


John has the ability to think from a systems perspective, and appreciate how different sectors must integrate in order to provide an excellent heath service. This is accompanied with a wonderful creativity that allows him to find solutions from elsewhere, whilst most people can only think within their discipline.

Haroon Urrehman
Medical Student
Cardiff University UK

From the first time I had ever spoken to John, I began implementing changes to my work, my wellbeing as well as my general outlook to life and what I wanted to make of myself:

While working at Waitrose, I found myself seeking enjoyment in the mundane tasks of scanning by getting to know customers in the five minutes we would share. The conversations, though enjoyable, were mostly merely time fillers.


However one evening, I was fortunate enough to meet John which I can honestly say has led to a huge impact on me even until today. Our conversation followed the same general small talk but as my aspirations seemed to align with John's reality, the five-minute conversation became a now four-year friendship.

What really surprised me about John was how he never beat around the bush and told me where I was going wrong and advised me on how to improve. I distinctly remember receiving my A-level mock grades and frankly, I was disappointed. John was straight to the point and told me that thinking I was smart and that I'd just get the grades I wanted would never work and how important it was for me to stop thinking of myself as top dog and begin working for what I wanted. I was shocked mainly because a stranger, who at this point I hardly knew, had shown me a point of reflection within myself that I'd never thought to look at. This was the catalyst for me beginning to put in true effort into most aspects of my life and I cannot imagine where I would be had I ignored this piece of advice, labeled it an insult and carried on the path I was heading down before.

The sincerity of John's tough love approach is what made me take it on board. There were so many times when I felt like Medicine was not worth the effort or that I would never get in and if anything, John became my place to vent my frustration. The supporting role he offered, reminding me that everyone has points where they fall and the most important part was picking myself back up really kept me going. He gave me advice on what books to read, what speakers to listen to and ample amounts of advice from himself.


I can honestly say that it's from John's voice in my head that I developed my own new inner voice, which led me to take on board more advice from people, began to critically evaluate myself and could now tell myself what I needed to do to become better.

The most important impact John had on my life was a change in my self-efficacy and the way I saw myself.

John was also there to give me advice on my personal statement, my role as a professional, how to best act in an interview and when I was stuck between choosing medical schools, John objectively looked at what I wanted from med school and helped me decide which one was best for me. While these were crucial aspects for my success in accomplishing my goals and John did always provide a great pillar for me to stand on, it was the advice which applies to my personal life and persona which has left an imprint on me and will continually influence my life positively.

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