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The Mystic Musings of A Medical Man 

This four-part collection of poems chronicles a tumultuous and intense phase in my life:


Dashed into the throes of life – its ecstasies and its agonies – and a close witness (in my work as a medical doctor) to the human condition, I found solace in expressing the restless inferno raging within my psyche.


The poems were written as they ‘arrived’, sometimes after ward-rounds and frequently on public transport. Occasionally, they would arrive in the shower, forcing me to leap out and rapidly pen whatever words did ‘flash upon that inward eye’, before they vanished into nothingness. I wrote on inspiration and the objects of my reflection always proved a most wonderful muse.

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A Tailored Playbook for Scholastic Success

In this book - his second to date, and the first in this trilogy - medical doctor and Yale University graduate Dr. John Ndikum takes you on a journey of discovery. 

In it, he:

- Explores why doing well in school might actually be worth your time.
- Explodes myths about being ‘naturally good’.
- Provides you with a tailored template of your own, which you can implement to finally achieve the grades you’ve always deserved. 

Dr. Ndikum has successfully mentored, coached and guided many students who have gone on to excel in high school, gain admission to top medical schools and secure top marks in post-graduate qualifications. 

Find out how, today.

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