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PWI (People Who Inspire) PODCAST SERIES

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Episode 1: Week beginning 11th February


We’ll meet Kundai Gomwe, a pharmacy student of Zimbabwean ethnicity.


Kundai scored 9A*s 2As at GCSE and has continued to go from strength to strength. I was particularly impressed by the initiative she demonstrated when she reached out to me around Christmas, asking for strategic advice on her career.


She has impressed me with her humility, introspective ability and willingness to pass on what she has learned.











Episode 2: Week beginning 25th February


We’ll meet Sean MacKay, an English teacher at a high school in Leicester, England. 



“Every child is special and capable”, Sean declared when we first met, “the key is to uncover the potential that hides beneath their occasionally contentious behaviour. We mustn’t judge them, because they know actually no better; we must instead strive to uncover their hidden gifts, however difficult that might at times be.”



Teachers are largely unappreciated in the United Kingdom State school system. Despite this, Sean was able to say with conviction and passion, “what keeps me going to work is the fact that every day is a new opportunity to positively impact the life of one of my pupils.”



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