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What qualifies you to do this?
What makes your service unique?

I'm the eldest of 3 boys and utilized a systematic, strategic approach to guide the transition of my younger brothers into higher education, both of whom have gone on to do fantastically in their own right.


In addition, in the past 3 years, I have mentored two students who successfully entered top medical schools in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore,  I have provided structured frameworks to help colleagues and friends achieve their personal and professional development goals.



Why are you doing this?

I have met many people who are talented, but lack the right combination of tools and knowledge required to achieve their goals. One of my objectives is to provide people with the frames of reference, knowledge and tools required to help them achieve their most personally-valuable goals.

Why not do it for free?

I've been doing this for free for many years, and given the increase in the amount of OutReach work I am doing, needed a structure to help organise my time and optimise my activities. Strategic thinking is pretty taxing and doing it for someone else requires immense commitment. In addition, very few people properly commit when something is free.

What if I can't afford it?

I'll take into account various factors if you really need a reconsideration of price. Just click on the contact tab above to get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss further.


Please note that a large portion of my work will continue to be conducted pro-bono. 

One of my greatest strengths is systems thinking, or the application of a strategic approach within a structured framework. When combined with my creative facility, it allows the generation of novel solutions to a variety of problems; creative strategy, in short.

It's a strength that I've practiced and developed over the years (and therefore become extremely proficient at), and applied to my own life, to help me publish my book of poetry (see, among other things. 


What inspired you? 

I've been doing volunteer, mentoring and outreach work in various guises for many years now. As I've done so, my ability to come up with solutions to people's career (and sometimes personal) objectives has been refined and improved to a significant degree. America was particularly awakening for me - I saw first hand, injustice on a scale I had never seen before.


I was left shocked, confused and aghast. America in general and Yale in particular did however cement in me a 'go-getter' attitude that implores us to find solutions to problems we can see, and if possible, scale them. So I suppose I got back to the U.K. and went a bit crazy with just that: I signed back up to Reach Society, spoke at Melanin Medics twice, decided to become an actually active Rotarian, and have mentored about 3 other students since - all in the space of 6 months.


Also, I'm working with an organization that will set up clinical trials in Africa, and also on a specific public health idea related to smart cities. Determined to continue contributing, I decided to formalise these activities into an organisation (Zero Entropy Consulting), to better structure my time and contribute in a more efficient manner.

In short, 'giving back' is a priority of mine, so I make sure to find time for it. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. 

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