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Old Study




What Smart Students Know


A wonderful book that provides a system of synthesis to help cement large volumes of concepts into your mind. This book was particularly transformational for me.


Getting Straight As


Aimed at Graduate school students, this book provides a disciplined mature approach to study. The ideas when applied, do work! Be warned though, as discipline is definitely required to apply its suggestions. 


How To Become  A Straight-A Student 


Ultimately boils down to effectively managing time and energy. Top and well-balanced students do in 3 focused hours what the average student does in 8, and still get higher grades in the process. This book tells you how.


Use Your Head


An arsenal of study tools provided by an author who has become a houselind name. This book by Tony Buzan includes ideas on mind maps, mnemonics and optimal review cycles of material studied.






Deep Work


A brilliant book by Cal Newport, this work highlights the necessity of total immersion for creativity and mastery.




Discusses 'the zone' in different areas of excellence, and provides suggestions on how to more frequently access it. 





Another brilliant work by the infamous Robert Greene, this book outlines the factors that contribute to Mastery of a chosen field 


The Organized Mind 


neuroscientific corroboration of Cal Newport's (author of 'How To Become A Straight-A Student' and 'Deep Work') proposition that the mind works best when it is uncluttered, focused and totally immersed

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